Noble Rot #24 - WINO

#24 Wine from another galaxy

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  • Publisher: Noble Rot
  • Language: English
  • Date of publication: 11/2020
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Number of pages: 98

A good book is a bit like a good restaurant: a cocoon in which you can escape the outside world. So, in this magazine issue they celebrate their new, lockdown-proof getaway: Wine from Another Galaxy, the first ever Noble Rot book. Written by Rot co-founders Dan and Mark, it charts the story of Noble Rot magazine and restaurants; covers themes such as how to order wine without fear, start your own cellar, or talk about it without sounding like a bore; and celebrates our favourite bottles, and the dreamers that make them, in a ‘Rotter’s Road Trip’ across Europe.

Featured in this issue,

Some top vinonauts, including natural wine-oracle Alice Feiring and Beastie Boy Mike Diamond,

Ed Balls interview at Rotter HQ for the inside scoop on MP’s eating habits and his verdict on Trump Winery Chardonnay,

Profile of the Muscadet, Limoux and English wine (as well as reprising our famous 2015 English sparkling wine V Champagne tasting),

Bursting Bubbles author Robert Walters questions some of the received wisdom on cellaring Champagne, 

Alastair Little tells about his greatest ever meal, 

Noble Rot Soho’s new Head Chef Alex Jackson gives his recipe for plum and brown buttertart

Plus other recipes, stories and musings from Simon Hopkinson, Marina O’Loughlin, John Niven, Jake Missing, Jon Bonné, Rowley Leigh, Tim Hayward, Eileen Twum and George Reynolds.