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#1 vol. 3 - Sunny terroirs

#1 vol. 3 - Sunny terroirs

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  • Publisher: EXTRA BRUT
  • French language
  • Publication date: February 2023
  • Number of pages: 70


From Sicily, to Greece, via Alsace, we fill your glass with sunshine.

The vine loves the sun, but the cocoa tree loves it even more. Cocoa beans are born in a hot, humid climate before being transformed into chocolate treats all over the world. The third issue of ExtraBrut brings together wine and chocolate in a text on a unique product in the world: cioccolato di Modica.

Contrary to popular belief, sulphites in wine rarely cause headaches. But explaining the use, origin and differences of sulphites is a wonderful puzzle! Luckily, specialist Benoit Marsan guides us through the chemistry of wine and sulphites in this new issue.

Colorful, intelligent and gourmet, the third issue of presents the terroirs of rum.

Who says sun, says Sicily. And who says Sicily, says Etna!
The soil where the vines grow is an essential aspect in wine. In Sicily, the volcanic soil sets the tone for much of the wine produced on the island. Canada's first Master Sommelier, John Szabo, published a book on this type of soil and its impact on the taste of wine. We asked him to take up the subject again in this new edition of ExtraBrut.

Their collaborator Sophie presents a Quebec vineyard in each issue. In this edition of ExtraBrut, she tells the story of Vincent Sulfite . With two accomplices, he founded the Très Précieux Sang vineyard in Center-du-Québec. The winemaker has become known, among other things, thanks to his recommendations for sulphite-free wine. In an issue where several pages are devoted to the demystification of sulfur, this new vineyard makes perfect sense.

In an issue dedicated to sunny terroirs, Master of Wine Jacky Blisson will surprise you! It guides us to the North, where magnificent regions are bathed in the sun.

ExtraBrut is enjoyed by turning the pages as you turn wine in your glass. It's a friendly, easy-to-access paper magazine that you'll want to leave on your coffee table.

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