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#32 Sacred Lunch

#32 Sacred Lunch

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  • Author: NOBLE ROT
  • English language
  • Publication date: 06/2023
  • Weight: 650g
  • Number of pages: 116

How can you not love a chef who says that one of the reasons he left architecture was because he "didn't like sitting in an office eating sandwiches and drinking coffee"? It's a question of priorities. Because there will always be one Gaudí or another who will design fabulous apartments, but nothing should stand in the way of a good lunch. Besides, it's not as if Fergus Henderson - the chef in question and this issue's special guest - hasn't had an equally enormous influence on food, restaurants and culture. Whether it's reintroducing the idea of ​​cooking and eating everything "from the nose to the tail", influencing fashion or training a generation of chefs who have since taken the helm of their own kitchens. As he approaches his 60th birthday, Noble Rot presents Henderson like you've never seen him.

Also in this issue:

Peter Crouch, ex-England striker and budding sommelier, spots wines that are corked, oxidized or just plain boring.

Visit Saint-Emilion and Graves to find out what the future holds for Bordeaux, presentation of the world champions of sommellerie, the emerging wine scene of Hokkaido, English still wines and the trend where the work of producers is becoming more important than the historical reputation of the appellations.

DBC Pierre shares how he found a true "unicorn" wine, Henry Harris evangelizes about his love of tripe, Marina O'Loughlin defines "Dadcore" restaurants, Dan Keeling writes about the alcoholic effects of different styles of wine, and Keira Knightley criticizes the Sacha of Madrid.

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