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Raisin: 100 Grands vins naturels d'émotion

Raisin: 100 Grands vins naturels d'émotion

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  • Publisher: Reverse
  • Language: French
  • Release date: 11/2019
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Dimensions: 24 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 800g
  • Format: softcover
  • ISBN: 9782955798836


Respect for people and love for the land create the greatest wines and the most beautiful emotions. To illustrate this little-known truth, raisin, the natural wine application, has joined forces with the Entre les vignes team to create a new book.

"It is a wine of energy, of tension, which makes us travel, makes us vibrate, loosens the tongues and opens the spirits; it is a wine of artist or craftsman, which can also destabilize us, disturb our reference points, shake us, make us shiver and can, on occasion, draw us a tear. It's a wine that you don't forget" adds Harry Annoni, artistic director and photographer on the project. The simplest definition is that of Cédric Blatrie: "As opposed to an oenologist's wine, which thinks that a wine is perfect because there is nothing left to add, we think that a wine of emotion is a wine from which there is nothing left to take away.

For each of the 100 wines presented, we offer you the history of the vintage, an anecdote, the point of view of the winemaker... In order not to remain in the "entre-soi", 15 personalities, from the world of wine and gastronomy, have been invited to enrich the selection of the 100 with their own wines of emotion. Among them, Pascaline Lepeltier (Best Sommelier of France 2018), Ava Mees List (sommelier of Noma), François Morel (author, wine merchant and wine historian) or Edouard "The Winestache" Thorens (influencer and wine merchant in Switzerland)

The authors:

Author and publishing director of REVERSE Editions, Guillaume Laroche uses his unparalleled interviewing talent to get sportsmen and women to talk as well as artisan winemakers.

Cédric Blatrie is a hospital pharmacist in Switzerland. Paradoxically, it is his training in sommellerie that brings him closer to natural wine: they talk about chemistry, pesticides... So he went to meet "clean" winemakers to really learn.

He was fed with conventional Burgundy Chardo and Pinot, and refractory to the "farm" and "bubbles". Harry Annoni ended up going deeper into the subject during his photographic walks between the vines. Today, he has metamorphosed into an ardent defender of the natural liquid cause, extolling the virtues of good drinking to anyone who will listen.

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