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Spirit of wine, divine spirit

Spirit of wine, divine spirit

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  • Publisher: Labor & Fides
  • French language
  • Publication date: 06/2020
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Dimensions: 14 x 22 cm
  • Weight: 298g
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9782830917147


After reading this book, you will no longer drink your wine the way you used to. Beyond the land and the vineyard, the cellar and the bottle, he will have made you discover at the bottom of your glass worlds of which you perhaps did not even suspect the existence. An assembly of eight authors, with eight perspectives and eight approaches, it reveals some of the mysteries of wine. Half of the reflections concern the value of wine, the vine and winegrowers within Judeo-Christianity, on the drunkenness of Noah, on the viti/wine parables of Jesus, on their rereading by the first theologians, on the Eucharist and the Last Supper.
But it had to be balanced. And it is done thanks to Greek mythology with this particular taste of a creative rather than created wine and two grape varieties from new worlds, those of an Islamo-compatible alcohol-free wine and a biodynamic spirituality, linked to the nature and its rhythms. To consume without moderation.

The author:

Olivier Bauer was born in 1964 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Between 2005 and 2015, he was a professor at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences at the University of Montreal. He was also a guest professor at the University of Geneva (2012) at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (2017) and a guest researcher at the François-Rabelais University of Tours, at the Center Supérieur d'Études de la Renaissance and the European Institute of Food History and Cultures (2012-2013). Since 2015, he has been professor of practical theology at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. His research focuses on the transmission of Christianity to the six senses, the development of the Church and spiritual accompaniment. He is also interested in the relationship between culture and religion, particularly the spiritual value of food and sport as religion.

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