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#1 vol. 2 - Luxury does not fear the crisis

#1 vol. 2 - Luxury does not fear the crisis

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  • Publisher: EXTRA BRUT
  • French language
  • Publication date: 10/2022
  • Number of pages: 70


When preparing this second issue, we had only one desire: to celebrate.

But as we took off our masks and raised our glasses, a shadow appeared on the board: inflation.

Contrary to popular belief, economic and political crises have not harmed alcohol sales. On the contrary! The crisis has particularly benefited one category: luxury bottles. For what? Because while the storm passes, we all need to dream.

This new issue of ExtraBrut reflects the joyful and colorful illustration by Alice Hoffmann on the cover. We wanted to make you dream by transporting you into the world of luxury. from China to England, via France.

Who says luxury wine says champagne. Master of Wine Jacky Blisson explains how this wine region has managed to weather crises by cultivating its image. Across the Channel, the English now produce their own sparkling wine. And just because it’s English doesn’t mean it’s cheaper.

The production of quality sparkling wine in England is now possible due to climate change. However, global warming threatens several well-established wine-growing regions.

Sommelier Michelle Bouffard explains to us how, in some places, producing wine has become a luxury.

Finally, even if luxury is often measured in dollars, the pandemic has transformed its definition in gastronomy.

At least that’s what the Quebec sommelier says

Etheliya Hananova, co-owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris. In her Expatriate Mail, she says that after the hard months of confinement, the real luxury is undoubtedly to find oneself again.

And as we finished this issue, while we were sitting at a table in a restaurant, a poster announced: “Offline is the new luxury. » What more can I say?

So put down the phone, go offline and enjoy this new issue of ExtraBrut.

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