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Guide to wines where you are the hero

Guide to wines where you are the hero

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  • Publisher: Nouriturfu
  • French language
  • Publication date: 11/2018
  • Number of pages: 138
  • Dimensions: 13x19 cm
  • Weight: 225g
  • Format: soft cover
  • ISBN: 9782955966068


Do books “in which you are the hero” mean anything to you? The principle of these successful game books, once past their exciting and frightening cover, was to choose for yourself, step by step, or rather paragraph by paragraph, the scenario of the story. The wine guide of which you are the hero - or heroine - aims to make your journey in the world of wine as fun (and risky!): discover it, choose it, buy it, store it, drink it, like so many possible pitfalls! Along the way, you will learn a lot about this supposedly complicated subject, while having fun.

Wine is a pleasure, its discovery and learning should naturally be too. And if you already know your stuff, don't worry: this unique guide is full of refined advice and subtle or surprising lessons. Unless on the way you fall into a pit full of an ugly bubbling picrate... And there, back to square one!

The author:

Antonin Iommi-Amunategui is the author of several guides and books on wine (Tronches de vin, Glou Guide) and the creator of the “Sous les pavés la vigne” trade fairs.

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