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Inside Bordeaux

Inside Bordeaux

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  • Author: JANE ANSON
  • Publisher: Berry Bros and Rud
  • English language
  • Publication date: 01/2020
  • Number of pages: 670
  • Dimensions: 26 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 3000g
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN:  9780951063231

Presentation :

Inside Bordeaux is an innovative guide to the châteaux, their wines and the terroir of Bordeaux, written by Jane Anson, one of the world's leading experts on Bordeaux wines.

While countless books have been written about Bordeaux and so much is happening there, from the innovative practices of new generation winegrowers to the rise of organic and biodynamic viticulture, including winemaking focused on the terroir, Jane sees in Inside Bordeaux the opportunity to adopt a different point of view on the region.

The book takes readers beyond what they already know about the region: there are the castles, large and small, the wines and the personalities. But Jane also draws on recent – ​​and literally groundbreaking – research carried out by experts at the University of Bordeaux to profile the terroir of key châteaux and appellations. This research, some of which has not yet been published, will give readers vital insights into which wines will excel in which year.

Jane Anson is convinced that Bordeaux wine is being refreshed by a new attention to the vineyards: the way they are worked, the details of the soil and climate, which inform how the grapes are grown and where they are cultivated. To this end, Jane worked with leading experts to explore the landscapes of Bordeaux. With her, we discover where warmer summers and new skills make it possible to produce surprising wines in corners that no one once cared for. Sixty-one new maps, based on new research, show us where the best terroirs are located.
Jane explains how this can help us discover the star wines of tomorrow.

With almost 700 pages of detailed articles, Inside Bordeaux will allow you to go beyond what you already know about the region. The essential guide to Bordeaux!

The author:

In her in-depth study of more than a thousand châteaux and wines, Jane Anson reveals a world entirely different from the classic image of Bordeaux: a world that oscillates between a starry past and an exciting future. Her own Bordeaux is that of the great premier crus, the vintages of which she has tasted for decades. But it is also the Bordeaux of stubborn pioneers, of young shoots, of new vineyards born from faith in neglected corners.

Jane Anson is the greatest writer on Bordeaux today - an insider who lives and works in this city. She knows everyone. From winegrowers who renew their vows to their land to university experts who reveal to châteaux what lies beneath their vines. She has published numerous works and is an approved professor at the Bordeaux Wine School and holds a tasting diploma from the Bordeaux Faculty of Oenology. Jane has lived and worked in Bordeaux since 2003.

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