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La nouvelle épopée des vins oxydatifs

La nouvelle épopée des vins oxydatifs

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  • Publisher: Trabucaire Editions
  • Collection: Be Fort!
  • Language: Français
  • Release date: 07/2021
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Dimensions: 21 x 24.5 cm
  • Weight: 795g
  • Format: softcover
  • ISBN: 9782849742860


This new epic to which we invite you consists in gathering and making you discover a new family of wines: the dry oxidative wines. Rancios, Yellow Wines, Jerez, Fondillón, dry Marsala or Madeira, from France, Catalonia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and even Australia, are making a comeback, but remain largely unknown to the public. All these countries, most of them Mediterranean, preserve the memory of times when the flavors of great wines were not those of fresh fruit and new barrels, but those of dried fruit, spices, curry ... that we rediscover today for the pleasure of our palates.

The aim of this book is also to introduce you to the complex and fascinating world of these dry oxidative wines: to go back in time to the roots of Greek and Roman viticulture, to understand the process of elaboration of these wines, to discover their more or less subtle typologies, to learn how to taste them with professionals, winemakers and oenologists. The diversity of these wines does not diminish their collective identity, on the contrary! They all bear witness to a long farming tradition and it is this ancestral practice (maturing in an oxidizing environment), the long time it takes to mature them and their flavors that bring them together.

Throughout its 190 pages, the contributors offer readers the expressions of these wines, their histories, their terroirs, the secrets of their making.
The illustrations by Paul SCHRAMM, the photographs by Michel CASTILLO and the graphic design by Pascal PARISELLE honor the producers of these oxidative wines. The sculptures in cork and stoppers, the Ninots of Bernard PANDELE, known as Bibi and the Kanyataps of Pere FIGUERES, Catalan singer, make the link between all these producers.


The author:

Passionate about Mediterranean culture and wines, Alain Pottier is also a producer of medicinal plants. His attachment to books dates back to his studies in anthropology. Since 2016, he creates and enriches the collection "Be Fort!" at Editions Trabucaire. Knowing more than anything that time and our words are counted, are work of poetry remains the ultimate work to accomplish ...

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