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The Revolution of a Single Straw

The Revolution of a Single Straw

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  • Editor: Guy Trédaniel
  • French language
  • Publication date: 07/2005
  • Number of pages: 202
  • Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9782844456243

Presentation :

Over the past forty years Masanobu Fukuoka has borne witness with indignation to the degeneration of the Japanese land and society. As one man, the Japanese followed the American model of economic and industrial development, abandoning their rich heritage of simple, land-based work. But Mr. Fukuoka was determined not to abandon traditional farming.
On the contrary, he refined it to the point that his wild farming method requires less work and causes less damage to nature than any other method while maintaining the same yields per hectare as neighboring farmers. In this deeply sensitive and thought-provoking work, Mr. Fukuoka describes the events that led him to develop his method of wild farming and the impact it had on his land, himself, and the thousands of people to whom he taught it.

He describes the method itself and why he believes it offers a practical and stable model of society based on simplicity and permanence. Mr. Fukuoka demonstrates a deep understanding of the interactions between agriculture and other aspects of culture. He feels that wild farming has its origins in the spiritual health of the individual. He considers the healing of the earth and the purification of the human spirit to be the same thing and proposes a way of living and cultivating where this process can take place.
This book aims to change attitudes towards nature, agriculture, food, physical and spiritual health

Author :

Masanobu Fukuoka trained as a microbiologist. He specialized in plant diseases and worked for several years as a customs inspector in agricultural matters. Already twenty-five years old. Mr. Fukuoka begins to question the fundamental principles of modern agriculture. He decides to leave his technical career and return to his native village where he has worked for thirty-five years to develop a unique method of wild agriculture.

Today he has a large audience in Japan. He gives numerous lectures and has written many articles and books. He spends much of his time sharing his farming philosophy and techniques with the many visitors who come to his farm overlooking Matsuvama Bay on the island of Shikoku in southern Japan.

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