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The Nose of Bourbon & American Whiskeys

The Nose of Bourbon & American Whiskeys

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Le Nez du Vin contains a collection of aromas to smell accompanied by a book to allow you to progress quickly in tasting.

  • The Le Nez du Bourbon & American Whiskeys created by Le Nez du Vin - Éditions Jean Lenoir
  • 12 flavors
  • Language: French or English
  • Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
  • Weight: 1350g
  • Handmade in France

Embark on an olfactory journey to discover American whiskeys, including the most famous of them, bourbon.

Twelve bottles of aromas describe the aromatic universe of America's iconic drink:

1 honey, 2 rose, 3 tobacco leaf, 4 cherry, 5 orange, 6 oak, 7 toasted almond, 8 caramel, 9 vanilla, 10 cinnamon, 11 mint, 12 black pepper.

They are classified into families on a aroma wheel which accompanies the work.

A educational and illustrated book reveals the particularities of American whiskeys, still largely unknown outside their country of origin. What are their manufacturing secrets? what is a straight American whiskey ? THE sour mash ? Or again: what is the contribution of the American oak barrel Quercus alba ?

Chris Morris , master distiller of Woodford Reserve, figure in the bourbon industry and creator more than twenty years ago of the American whiskey flavor wheel, signs the preface.

Recognized journalists and authors, Hans and Becky Offringa , aka the whiskey couple , tell the story full of twists and turns of American whiskeys, from the arrival of the first European settlers to the current artisanal proliferation, including the dark hours of prohibition.

A superb united states map lists 122 distilleries whose bourbons and whiskeys are classified by aroma in the last chapter of the work.

 The Bourbon Nose offers an entertaining and in-depth look at this “distinctive product” of America. You hold in your hands essential reading for casual enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. »
Chris Morris , Master Distiller of Woodford Reserve.

The flavors are guaranteed for 5 years. A box can last for around ten years if stored in good conditions.

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