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L'Armagnac - 12 Aromas

L'Armagnac - 12 Aromas

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Sharpen your senses to the secrets of Armagnac: from the subtle aroma of the lime blossom characteristic of the white eau-de-vie flowing from the still to the aromatic procession brought by the long ageing in wood, 12 notes mark out and tell the phases of evolution of these eaux-de-vie, from their youngest age to their beautiful maturity.

An invitation to enter the world of the oldest eau-de-vie in France, with over 700 years of tradition! The 12 aromas of the Nose of Armagnac: lime blossom, honey, pear, quince, prune, candied orange, walnut, leather, oak, vanilla, pepper, cocoa.

Carmine red cloth booklet, size 172 x 247 x 35 mm, weight 700 g.

Made in France.

The flavors are guaranteed for 5 years. A box can be kept for ten years in good conditions.

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