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The Nose of Whiskey - 54 aromas

The Nose of Whiskey - 54 aromas

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Le Nez du Vin contains a collection of aromas to smell accompanied by a book to allow you to progress quickly in tasting.

  • Le Nez du Whiskey created by Le Nez du Vin - Éditions Jean Lenoir
  • 54 flavors
  • Language: French or English
  • Dimensions: 21 x 31 cm
  • Weight: 3700g
  • Handmade in France

The Whiskey Nose contains:

- 54 of the most emblematic aromas of whisky, to understand the magnificent olfactory heritage of your favorite bottles:

floral notes : 1 blackcurrant bud, 2 geranium, 3 honey, 4 rose, 5 tobacco leaf, 6 hay, 7 green grass; fruity notes : 8 pineapple, 9 cherry, 10 peach, 11 pear, 12 apple, 13 lemon, 14 mandarin, 15 orange, 16 grapefruit, 17 dried fig, 18 walnut, 19 prune; woody notes : 20 oak, 21 resinous, 22 sherry, 23 toasted almond, 24 toasted hazelnut, 25 coconut, 26 caramel, 27 chocolate, 28 custard, 29 vanilla, 30 anise, 31 cinnamon, 32 ginger, 33 aromatic herbs , 34 mint, 35 nutmeg, 36 allspice, 37 black pepper, 38 licorice, 39 earthy; various notes : 40 biscuit, 41 coffee, 42 toast, 43 malt, 44 butter, 45 leather, 46 grilled meat; phenolic notes : 47 smoke note, 48 peat, 49 seaweed, 50 shellfish, 51 medicinal, 52 rubber, 53 tar, 54 sulfur note.

- The classification is presented in families on an aroma wheel .

- By opening the book , you will “fall into the still” of whiskeys from Scotland and the world thanks to the pens of eminent specialists and superb illustrations.
Scotsman Charles MacLean, one of today's best whiskey writers, recounts a hundred years of single malt history through 12 tasting memories.
Frenchwoman Martine Nouet, author and journalist specializing in cuisine and spirits and Scottish by adoption, looked into the art of delicately bringing the spirit of the dish and the spirit of the malt into harmony.

Le Nez du Whiskey allows you to:

1. Train and enrich your olfactory memory…
Smell is the most important sense in perceiving a whisky. However, it is often difficult to identify an aroma in your glass of whiskey. Have you ever experienced the feeling of knowing but not recognizing a smell?
Nothing more normal ! In the same way that we learned to read, write, and count, feeling requires learning.

2. …to better analyze the whiskeys you taste
But what is that for ? » First of all, recognizing aromas enriches the tasting vocabulary. Or put a word on your impressions increases the pleasure of tasting and allows you to exchange with others. Then, the aromas of the whiskey inform us about its geographical origin and the different stages of its production: malting, fermentation, distillation and aging in barrels.

The Whiskey Nose therefore allows you not only to perfect your olfactory sense but also to understand the whiskey manufacturing process behind the aromas.

A book aimed at both professionals and amateurs wishing to deepen their knowledge

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