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The Prince of Romanée-Conti

The Prince of Romanée-Conti

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  • Publisher: Flammarion
  • French language
  • Publication date: 10/2020
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Dimensions: 20 x 26 cm
  • Weight: 865g
  • Format: soft cover
  • ISBN: 9782081506886


Cousin of the King of France Louis His stroke of genius was the purchase of the Romanée vineyard which would be called Romanée-Conti.
This work reveals the secrets of this mythical wine, the object of a true cult by lovers around the world. After a biography devoted to the Prince of Conti, it allows us, through recent tastings, to define the characteristics of this unique wine which must be placed within the Climats of Burgundy. These Climats are terroirs where Burgundy grape varieties acclimatize optimally. These long-recognized terroirs have benefited from a unique historical continuity and were listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2015.
To understand Burgundy, you must know its Climates but also be aware of the climate, that is to say the weather conditions of each vintage, because the fact of producing great wines, at the northern limit of maturity of the grape varieties used, sometimes resembles an obstacle course where nature contrives to play tricks on the winegrower. This is why Laurens Delpech reproduces large extracts from the harvest reports published since 1996 by Aubert de Villaine, who manages the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. This saga of successive vintages reminds us of the difficulty of the winegrower's job.

This original, very comprehensive book, which highlights this duality of climates and climate which makes the greatest Burgundy wines, is written with an alert pen. It is an excellent summary of Romanée-Conti which will also be very useful to those who simply wish to refine their knowledge and appreciation of Burgundy wines.

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