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The terroir and the winemaker

The terroir and the winemaker

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  • Author: JACKY RIGAUX
  • Publisher: Earth in Views
  • Language: French or English
  • Publication date: 02/2006
  • Number of pages: 350
  • Dimensions: 17x22cm
  • Weight: 660g
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9782952301640

Presentation :

Varietal wines or local wines? Branded wines or appellation wines? Marketing wines or cultural wines? In these times of globalization, of the extension of vines almost everywhere on the planet, of the wine crisis, of increasingly fierce competition, it was necessary to question the values ​​which have always accompanied the creation of wine. and its tasting.

The notion of terroir, often contested today, is one of these values. good practices for serving it as well. With an extraordinary diversity of expression, local wines delight the amateur and perpetuate an art of living in the face of the surge of technical, varietal and brand wines, the same all over the planet.

Disciples or admirers of Henri Jayer, the Pope of winegrowers, the many winegrowers who express themselves in this book like to meet each year for the Henri Jayer International Meetings: Winegrowers, Gourmets and Terroirs of the World. They offer to the amateurs who read them the fruit of their reflections on this complex reality that is the wine terroir. premises for a tasting of their wines which make the terroirs of the world sing.

The author:

Jacky Rigaux is responsible for “continuing education” at the University of Burgundy. Author of numerous works in the human sciences and on wine-growing terroirs, he promotes two original diplomas: "Wine and Culture" and "Practice of tasting through knowledge of terroirs".

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