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Le vin, une boisson hors du commun: de ses origines à sa consommation éclairée

Le vin, une boisson hors du commun: de ses origines à sa consommation éclairée

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  • Publisher: Apogée
  • Language: French
  • Release date: 10/2021 
  • Number of pages: 132
  • Weight: 100g
  • Format: softcover
  • ISBN: 9782843987199


Is wine a drink like any other? Does it bring a salutary intoxication to the soul or does it make it stumble in low instincts ? To understand wine and master its consumption, one must learn about it and know its secrets.
From the founding myths to the practices of binge drinking, this book, which is the condensed version of a doctoral thesis in educational sciences, shows how wine, through its psychotropic powers and by opening up to a modified state of consciousness, has become such a special product.
It is the object of a social construction that is transformed over time, places and history. The question of wine causes debates which, in some cases, concern almost all the members of a given society and its institutions. In order to approach its multiple historical, geographical, political, agronomic, medicinal and religious facets, Laurence Zigliara leads us from the origins of the vine and wine to the present day, where education has become the master of ceremonies.
The learning of wine does not allow us to drink an alcoholic beverage, but to consume a moment of history, geography and culture.

The author:

Laurence Zigliara is a psychologist, ethnologist, doctor of education, lecturer at the Institut Catholique de Paris, researcher associated with the laboratory Experice University Sorbonne Paris Nord.

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