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Le Château-Chalon: Un vin, son terroir et ses hommes

Le Château-Chalon: Un vin, son terroir et ses hommes

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  • Author: Mêta Jura (Collective)
  • Publisher: Mêta Jura
  • Language: French
  • Release Date: 11/2015
  • Number of pages: 270
  • Dimensions: 28 x 23 cm
  • Weight: 1600g
  • Format: hardcover
  • ISBN: 9782953512557


The first book entirely devoted to Château-Chalon, a world-renowned Vin Jaune. Thirty authors, all recognized specialists in their field, present this unique wine in its natural and human environment. Geologist, soil scientist, geographer, climatologist, ampelographer, microbiologist, biochemist, Tmnologist, historian, ethnologist, art historian, curator, filmmaker, socio-economist, sommelier and cooks…. unite their skills to reveal, through unpublished illustrations and texts, the many facets of an exceptional wine.

Mêta Jura has set itself the objective of disseminating knowledge and culture in the geographical area of the Jura massif.

What could be more natural and more legitimate than to be interested in a flagship, a symbol, a myth of this space? Like many great terroir wines, Château-Chalon is indeed a constitutive element of a regional culture, here in the Jura and Franche-Comté region.

This book aims to answer the questions that this exceptional wine never fails to ask.

What determinisms have led to favoring the production of such a wine on this terroir and its Jurassic soils? Why did the Savagnin grape variety, of wild origin, dominate the production of this wine? How did the winegrowers come to defy the laws of oenology to produce a wine with such an original aging method and such a striking character for the senses? What has been the evolution of winegrowing practices in the vineyard and in the cellar? What is the guideline? Who are the winegrowers? Who are the consumers? What culture has been built around this wine and its winegrowers? How was the reputation of the vineyard built?
Recent research in genetics, microbiology and biochemistry provides new and decisive insights that justify the publication of a multidisciplinary monograph. Endowed with an original iconography, created especially for him, this book, the first devoted to the yellow wine of Château-Chalon, takes stock of current knowledge, even if this grand cru still retains a part of mystery.

About thirty authors from complementary backgrounds (geologist, soil scientist, environmentalist, climatologist, ampelographer, oenologist, biochemist, specialist in microbiology, historian, ethnologist, socio-economist, artist, photographer ... and of course winegrower) provide Totally new and unpublished insights into the saga of Château-Chalon yellow wine.

A 272-page book, with completely new iconography (572 illustrations).

This book received the 2014 OIV Prize in the Monographs and Specialized Studies category

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