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Metro wine map of France

Metro wine map of France

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  • Publisher: De Long
  • Publication date: 09/2011
  • Dimensions : 48 x 61 cm
  • Impression : heavyweight acid-free matte paper, suitable for framing
  • ISBN : 

Presentation :

The most astonishing thing about this new wine list is the clarity with which it presents the complex wine regions of France. Created by architectural historian and wine enthusiast David Gissen, this map is fun, beautiful, and wonderfully informative. It is perfect for all levels of wine knowledge. A great educational tool for novices and a cool gift for intermediate and expert wine lovers.

The main wine regions of France and their appellations are clearly represented in their relative position. The main grape varieties are presented in context with the corresponding appellations. The main geographical and architectural features indicated


De Long is an independent publisher of wine maps, tables and books, founded by Deborah and Steve DeLong in 2002.  Deborah trained as a textile designer and Steve trained as an architect. Together, they combined their love of wine and design to create products that help people appreciate and learn about wine.

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