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Nose 06, Body and mind

Nose 06, Body and mind

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  • Publisher: NEZ ÉDITIONS
  • Language: French & English
  • Publication date: 11/2018
  • Number of pages: 144

Published twice a year, Nose explores the world around us through our sense of smell. It provides insight into the vital role that olfactory sensations play in our lives, in a fresh approach that encompasses art, literature, science, history, food and fragrance. Please note that Nez has been available in English since issue 3. The first two issues are only available in French.

In this number :

The nose knows

Smelling is a pleasure, no doubt, but can it also be healing? Could sniffing perfumes be a cure for depression or pain, or even prolong life? Aromatic substances have long played a therapeutic and spiritual role in human society, and in modern daily life, smells still have an effect on our health, mood and emotions. Here we explore the affinities between the nose, body and mind through the prism of history, medicine, research, religion and psychoanalysis.

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