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Nose 07, The animal sense

Nose 07, The animal sense

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  • Publisher: NEZ ÉDITIONS
  • English language
  • Publication date: 06/2019
  • Number of pages: 144

Published twice a year, Nose explores the world around us through our sense of smell. It provides insight into the vital role that olfactory sensations play in our lives, in a fresh approach that encompasses art, literature, science, history, food and fragrance. Please note that Nez has been available in English since issue 3. The first two issues are only available in French.

In this number :

Homo Olfactus

In the animal kingdom, smell plays an essential role in communicating signals and determining behaviors. But in humans, it has long been considered a primitive, instinctive, even shameful sense. Recently it has become popular again and we are discovering that we are more skilled with our noses than we thought.

Is this a sign of the ambivalence of our relationship with nature? We have long used animal products to perfume ourselves or feel more powerful. Even if this practice has now almost completely fallen into disuse, a dose of (reconstituted) animality in the wake of a perfume still exudes a certain charm.

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