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Rencontres du Clos-Vougeot – “From the cellar to the wine: a fruitful alliance” (2013)

Rencontres du Clos-Vougeot – “From the cellar to the wine: a fruitful alliance” (2013)

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  • Under the direction of JOCELYNE PÉRARD and MARYVONNE PERROT
  • Publisher: UNESCO Chair “Wine Culture and Traditions”
  • French language
  • Publication date: 09/2014
  • Number of pages: 326
  • Dimensions: 16x24 cm
  • Weight: 615g
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9782918173151

Presentation :

Inaugurated as part of the UNESCO Chair “Culture and Traditions of Wine”, the Rencontres du Clos-Vougeot have the major objective of understanding wine as a cultural product, a vector of civilization, whose informed consumption is a true art of living and a philosophy linked to conviviality and sharing, humanist values ​​if there ever were one.

These seventh Clos Vougeot Meetings target the theme “From the cellar to the wine: a fruitful alliance”. Drawing on testimonies from numerous wine-growing regions around the world, around thirty international speakers seek to discuss the fruitful interactions between the weight of traditions, history and the evolution of cellars. Because the cellar inevitably adapts to oenological, environmental, cultural and economic changes. Currently it can even be virtual: for the wine investor, the word “cellar” is the equivalent of the word “portfolio” for the stock market investor. However, do we not then risk forgetting that the choice of a cellar, of one's cellar, is not a trivial gesture, but that on the contrary it symbolizes a whole vision of the world and of oneself.

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