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Rencontres du Clos-Vougeot – “What sustainability in vines and cellars?” (2017)

Rencontres du Clos-Vougeot – “What sustainability in vines and cellars?” (2017)

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  • Under the direction of JOCELYNE PÉRARD and CLAUDINE WOLIKOW
  • Publisher: UNESCO Chair “Wine Culture and Traditions”
  • French language
  • Publication date: 09/2018
  • Number of pages: 223
  • Dimensions: 16x24cm
  • Weight: 434g
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9782918173243

Presentation :

Inaugurated within the framework of the UNESCO Chair “Culture and Traditions of Wine” at the University of Burgundy, the main objective of the Clos-Vougeot Meetings is
to understand wine as a cultural product, a vector of civilization, whose informed consumption is part of a true art of living and a philosophy linked to conviviality and sharing, humanist values ​​if there ever was one.
The eleventh Clos-Vougeot Meetings target the theme “What sustainability in vines and cellars?” ". The stakes are decisive at the start of the 21st century where many threats weigh on the future of the planet and its inhabitants. However, these numerous ecological, social and economic challenges do not spare a rapidly changing world of vines and wine which is now questioning its practices and their environmental and social impacts.
With contributions from numerous specialists, and based on research in various disciplines, this work presents the current wide range of sustainable practices in vitiviniculture. From ancient Greek vines to the most modern agronomic techniques such as mycorrhization, from the first ecological concerns of the 19th century to the contemporary development of biodynamics and organic wines, from the Argentine vineyard to the cooperatives of the South, this collection takes the time to question all of these processes. It thus proposes to study their origins, their modalities, their mutations, but also the limits of their application for sustainable vitiviniculture.
Throughout the book, the reader understands that vines and wine offer a completely relevant angle of approach for understanding all of the major challenges that concern the planet.

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