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Rencontres du Clos-Vougeot – “An endless debate, wine and health” (2021)

Rencontres du Clos-Vougeot – “An endless debate, wine and health” (2021)

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  • Under the direction of JOCELYNE PÉRARD and CLAUDINE WOLIKOW
  • Publisher: UNESCO Chair “Wine Culture and Traditions”
  • French language
  • Publication date: 09/2022
  • Number of pages: 254
  • Dimensions: 16x24cm
  • Weight: 520g
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9782918173355

Presentation :

Initiated and organized by the UNESCO Chair “Culture and Traditions of Wine”, the only UNESCO chair in the world on the issue of vines and wine, the Rencontres du Clos

Vougeot's major objective is to understand wine as a cultural product, a vector of civilization, whose enlightened consumption is part of a true art of living and a philosophy linked to conviviality and sharing, humanist values ​​if there ever was one. .

These fifteenth Clos Vougeot Meetings took place at the eponymous château on September 30, October 1* and 2, 2021, under the following title: “An endless debate, wine and health”. Around thirty speakers from various disciplines, including a certain number of foreigners returning this year, developed this scientific and societal theme, placed at the heart of current debates in the world of wine.

The proposed subject must be taken here in the broadest sense. On the one hand and as expected, we will mention the numerous and permanent debates between those who support the rather beneficial effects of wine consumption (see "French paradox") and those who judge, in agreement with the position of the French state, expressed in the Evin law, that wine is dangerous for health, from the first glass consumed. On the other hand, we will deal with the health impact of inputs or pesticides passing through the vines and wine additives in wine.

The inaugural conference, entitled “Complex relationships, wine and health” is presented by Professor Jean Saric, specialist in digestive surgery at Bordeaux University Hospital.

The first session, entitled "History and Geography of wine and health relationships", shows that in most consumer countries, throughout history, wine was considered a food, a medicine, beneficial for health.

The second session "Compounds, additives and inputs in vineyards: their impacts on health", first returns to two key moments of the wine and health issue: on the one hand, the "French paradox", which revealed at the beginning from the 90s on the beneficial aspects of wine on health; on the other, “the French barrier” constituted by the Évin law, adopted in 1991, drastically regulating alcohol advertising.

The round table Vine, wine and health: what future? », provides testimonials from scientists and the wine world on ways to reduce the health risks linked to wine consumption.

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