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A great forgotten Burgundy, Volume 3

A great forgotten Burgundy, Volume 3

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  • Publisher: Bamboo
  • French language
  • Publication date: 01/2022
  • Number of pages: 48
  • Dimensions: 22 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 686g
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9782818977453

Presentation :

Summer 2016, Brexit put a brake on the projects of winemaker Manu Guillet. His English importer breaks his contract and his banker refuses him the loan for his aging cellar. It was in these circumstances that he inherited twelve bottles discovered in the cellar of his wife's grandfather. Among them, a Chambertin 1802. When tasting it, time stands still. This wine has nothing to do with a Burgundy. It is a very ancient nectar, a very great Madeira! How did this Portuguese wine end up in a Burgundian bottle? What do the other eleven contain? And above all, how will these bottles be the cause of a turnaround in the situation for the Manu estate? An investigation as fascinating as it is delicious in the footsteps of a wine with an incredible destiny! Each volume is a complete story.

Authors :

Hervé Richez was born in the North in 1967. He worked for 12 years as a banking executive before devoting himself entirely to writing in 2004. His first album, Buzzi, a children's series produced with Eric Miller, was released in 1997. It is prefaced by Albert Uderzo and republished by Bamboo in 2001. The same year, he signed with Jenfèvre, with the same publisher, Dirty Henry, since taken up by Vents d'Ouest. In 2002, Sam Lawry marked his first collaboration with Mig. They inaugurated Grand Angle, the realistic Bamboo collection of which Richez became the collection director. He then signed with Jenfèvre L'Effaceur at Vents d'Ouest, after having participated in Les Damnés de la Route (volumes 3 and 4). In May 2002 his second realistic series appeared with Mig: Le Messager. Since then, he has alternated between realistic scenarios (Groom Lake) and humorous series (Les Fondus).

Boris Guilloteau was born on July 15, 1974 in Tours. He already drew in his early childhood and won a comic book competition at the Poitiers festival at the age of 18. Then, after high school, he entered the Beaux-Arts of Cherbourg, the Beaux-Arts of Angoulême and did a cartoon internship at the CNBDI. When he left school in 2002, Boris Guilloteau already had plans to get into comics. His first album was released in 2003 by Soleil and is entitled Le Petit Bûcheron. Then he signed La Fontaine aux fables and Jane des dragons at Delcourt. It was released in September 2014, A Grand Burgundy Forgotten, by Grand Angle.

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