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Winemaker: Leave Paris, change your life, create your own wine

Winemaker: Leave Paris, change your life, create your own wine

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  • Publisher: Grasset
  • French language
  • Publication date: 06/2021
  • Dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
  • Number of pages: 216
  • Weight: 300g
  • Format: soft cover
  • ISBN: 9782246859635


"I come back from a dream, as one falls from one's bed, one's face marked by the fold of events..." This lifelong dream, for Laure Gasparotto, is the vine. No longer just taste and analyze the legendary, forgotten, innovative vintages, or even recount them in your books, but try the adventure, in turn, with your hands in the earth: becoming a winegrower.

Mother of two children and recently separated from their father, the narrator decides to change everything. Supported by a few friends, she left Paris and bought land in the Larzac terraces. Thus his estate, Les Gentillières, was born. In the heart of these stony and secret valleys, where earth and sky struggle and exchange, enthusiasm prevails. Nature gives itself, young children run and pull out the reddening grapes, it's already the excitement of the first harvest... The world of the vine, steeped in legends and ancestral know-how, is also a business, where you have to “make your wine”, name it, draw the label, let it settle, let people discover it. A total adventure, between cellars, tractors, pruning shears and hail... Because the job is tough, obsessive and dangerous.

The winegrower is alone in her fields, isolated from the harshness of the administration and in a masculine world. The vine demands, the vine vampirizes. It's not a job but a life...

In this story of metamorphoses, Laure Gasparotto tells her story over the days. She changed her life, and every moment was the laboratory of personal, expensive, passionate research and development. What if, ultimately, it was not our life but ourselves that we had to reinvent?

The author:

Journalist at Le Monde , Laure Gasparotto has been a wine specialist for more than twenty years. She is also a recognized taster and author of several works on wine. His Atlas of French Wines is the reference work on French vineyards. At Grasset, she published, among others, The day where there will be no more wine , with the nurseryman Lilian Bérillon and La Mécanique des vins with Olivier Jullien.

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