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Winegrowers - 100 women who make the difference in the vineyards of France

Winegrowers - 100 women who make the difference in the vineyards of France

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  • Publisher: Nouriturfu
  • French language
  • Publication date: 09/2019
  • Dimensions: 15x22 cm
  • Number of pages: 169
  • Weight: 440g
  • Format: soft cover
  • ISBN: 9782490698011


Winegrowers invites you to discover a hundred women who excel at making today's wine. Sometimes alone, sometimes as a couple or with family; renowned or in the shadows, in prestigious appellations or on terroirs without pedigree and in French wines: all deserve a good spotlight.

Today, in the vineyards and cellars of France, more and more winegrowers are producing remarkable wines, whether from prestigious and valued terroirs or without pedigree and little-known. Long remaining in the shadow of their winegrower father/husband/brother/cousin (delete as appropriate) - when they were not simply excluded from the domain - women are now essential.

Often less publicized than their colleagues, especially when associated with them, these women are nevertheless present everywhere in the French vineyard. “Feminine” wines do not exist... but women who make wine do exist!

Meet these 100 winegrowers, follow the twists and turns of their astonishing journeys, appreciate the strength of their often tested characters, and finally discover the delicious fruit of their labor!

The authors:

Wine merchant and already author of 3 books on wine (published by Hachette), Sandrine Goeyvaerts also writes for the press (Elle, Le Vif…) and chairs the “Women do wine” association, which aims to promote the place of women in wine professions.

Its preface, Pascaline Lepeltier , “best sommelier in France” (2018) and “best worker in France” (2018) in sommelier, is one of the most prominent women in wine currently.

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