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Vines and Wines of Dijon: oblivion and rebirth

Vines and Wines of Dijon: oblivion and rebirth

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  • Publisher: Earth in Views
  • French language
  • Publication date: 12/1969
  • Number of pages: 128
  • Dimensions: 22x27 cm
  • Weight: 700g
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9782916935140

Presentation :

This edition is an opportunity for Dijon and the Dijon region to rediscover and reread its rich viticultural past, a little forgotten today, that of "Dijon wines", winegrowers in town, ducal vineyards, monastic cellars, merchants and learned societies, of a bygone wine economy but in rebirth with the vineyards of Chenôve, Dijon, Plombières, Talant and Daix.

Although today there remain only a few hectares cultivated with fine Pinot and Chardonnay plants, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance saw a magnificent Dijon vineyard flourish. The vines extended to the four cardinal points, from Gevrey-Chambertin to the Langres plateau, from the hillsides of the Ouche valley to the plain. The vines planted with Pinot Noir, numerous since the 14th century, produced highly sought-after wines. In the 18th century, the cultivation of vines had already declined but Courtépine still praised the excellent wines from many climates, the Crais de Pouilly, the Poussots, the Roses, the Perrières, the Violettes or the Marcs d'Or...

The author:

Jacky Rigaux is responsible for “continuing education” at the University of Burgundy. Author of numerous works in the human sciences and on wine-growing terroirs, he promotes two original diplomas: "Wine and Culture" and "Practice of tasting through knowledge of terroirs".

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