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La vigne, le vin, la bio et la biodynamie: l'avenir de la viticulture

La vigne, le vin, la bio et la biodynamie: l'avenir de la viticulture

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  • Publisher: France Agricultural
  • Language: French
  • Publication date: 12/2021
  • Number of pages: 221
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 23 cm
  • Weight: 530g
  • Format: softcover
  • ISBN: 9782855577715


According to Evelyne Malnic, it is because the situation is really catastrophic for the vines, our soils, the planet and the climate that we must not lose hope and that we must act: "The situation is serious, it is not hopeless. At all times, the cultivated vine has been subjected to great climatic upheavals, diseases, and forced to evolve in order to survive. Forcing to constantly rethink viticulture as it has been practiced for more than a century . "The race against time is on. Faced with the announced disaster, the emergency, it is not only necessary to limit the breakage. But to go beyond, to reinvent agriculture, to pull it out of its impasses, to renew its practices". 

The author wanted to treat organic and biodynamics in a single book because she defends the idea of systemic management and that these two types of viticulture have a common objective: to revitalize the earth, to make the terroir vibrate, to restore a balance to the plant and the soil. This book is intended for all winegrowers concerned about making quality wines. To all future winegrowers to show them that another way is possible, realistic, responsible, ecological, human, humanist, by not evading the questions that can hold back, slow down, make them hesitate - such as that of profitability and cost organic viticulture. To lovers of "authentic" wines because, as Charles Baudelaire wrote, "One evening the soul of the wine sang in the bottles (...) A song full of light and fraternity."

The author:

Creator and host of the website, Evelyne Malnic is a journalist and author of numerous specialist books on wine. She has notably published Le vin en son palais with Georges Lepré, Le vin décrypté with Antoine Petrus, A single wine with Odile Pontillo, Knowing and tasting wine well (collective work), the Guide to wine festivals, Accord Parfait with Philippe Bourguignon . As well as three tasting guides on organic wines. Here she signs her fourth Biodynamic Wine Guide. She collaborates, for foreign wines with La Vigne, Rebe & Wein and Der badische Winzer.

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