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Vins de feu - À la découverte des terroirs des volcans célèbres

Vins de feu - À la découverte des terroirs des volcans célèbres

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  • Publisher: Dunod
  • Language: French
  • Release date: 10/2020
  • Number of pages: 240
  • Dimensions: 19 x 25
  • Poids: 453 g
  • Format: hardcover
  • ISBN: 9782100599356


Thanks to their fertile soils, their relief and the particular microclimates they create, volcanoes have always been quality wine-growing areas. Today, volcano wines are undergoing a renaissance, from the Neapolitan Lacryma Christi to the great reds of Etna, including the sweet whites of the Aeolian Islands and the Cabernets of California. Even France has its own volcanic terroir, the Puy-de-Dôme, which produces superb wines from pinot noir and gamay. To drink the wine of volcanoes is also to plunge into the history of these slumbering monsters, to remember the tragic destinies of Santorini, disemboweled by the greatest eruption of historical times, or Pompeii, the city at the foot of Vesuvius that had built its fortune on wine.

Passionate about volcanoes and a specialist in the terroir, the author takes us back to the great eruptions, before taking us to meet these extreme winegrowers, proposing for each volcano discovery itineraries and a list of wineries to visit.


French-American Charles Frankel teaches planetology in France and the United States, where he collaborates with NASA on space exploration programs. A geologist and traveler, he is interested in the exceptional landscapes of the Earth and their legends and is the author of numerous popularization works in fields as varied as the geology of wine, Martian exploration or the geology of remarkable sites. He lives in Brittany.

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