ALESSANDRO MASNAGHETTI - Barolo MGA Vol. I: The Barolo Great Vineyards Encyclopedia New Edition - WINO

Barolo MGA Vol. I: The Barolo Great Vineyards Encyclopedia New Edition

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  • Éditeur: Enogea
  • Langue: Bilingue Italian/English
  • Date de publication: 10/2018
  • Nombre de pages: 464
  • Dimensions: 30 x 21 cm
  • Poids: 1900g
  • Format: Couverture rigide
  • ISBN:  9788898254569


Barolo MGA Volume 1 includes more than 200 3-D images of the region's vineyards; 11 in-depth analyses of the individual communes; 170 fact sheets on each cru and a directory (with contact information) of growers and producers. In addition a glossary demystifies over 800 place names, brand names and historic zones.

The 2nd edition of Barolo MGA, The Barolo Great Vineyard Encyclopedia is the result of a quarter century of study, unlocking the mysteries of why Barolo's soil produces such profound wines. Representing an incredible 11 years of work, it demands a place in the library of anyone who loves Barolo. And that includes owners of the 1st edition.


Alessandro Masnaghetti is a very old stone of the Italian wine industry. The journalist has worked for renowned publications such as Guido Vini d'Italia L'Espresso and the renowned wine guide by Luigi Veronelli. He has also published numerous articles and tasting reports, for example in the New York Times and the Revue du Vin de France.