Noble Rot #25 - Chianti Not Chianti - WINO

#25 Chianti Not Chianti

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  • Publisher: Noble Rot
  • Language: Anglais
  • Date of publication: 03/2021
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Number of pages: 112


Introducing Noble Rot 25, another cordial collection of writing about wine and food, fact and fiction, the quite serious and the not very serious at all.Dans ce numéro:

Featured in this issue,

Kookery Condidential by Irvine Welsh. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere by Kate Spicer. Sound of da (Wine) Police by Alice Feiring. How to Build a Cellar for Less Than £500 by Dan Keeling. Looking for Lulu by Alex Jackson. Common Senses: Lunch with Gilles Peterson and Ed Wilson by Dan Keeling. Life is Short and the Wild is Wide by Marina O'Loughlin. Chianti Not Chianti by Dan Keeling. Drunken Chicken by Alastair Little. My Gastronomic Education by Lynn Barber. My Greatest Meal: Le Baratin by Margot Henderson. Just Desserts by Patricia Michelson. Talkin' About a Revelation by Stephen Harris. Holy Water par Jordan Michelman. Unhyped by Marina O'Loughlin. You Say Vin Santo I Say Vinsanto by Mark Andrew. Cook the Books by George Reynolds. Hoppy's Essentials by Simon Hopkinson. Parmigiano vs Pecorino by Rachel Roddy. Bacchus Loves the Hills by William Kelley. Totally Tropical Taste by George Reynolds. Mind the Gap by Kate Spicer. Fawlt Line by Russell Norman. Dear Niven by John Niven